Caring for your jeans

Congratulations on buying a new pair of designer jeans from Affordable Designer Jeans Melbourne - Online Store at Ebay. Good Quality Designer Jeans are worth looking after. Wash them to these guidelines and you'll have them for many years to come. The best way to care for your new jeans, to ensure they last a long time and keep looking the way you purchased them is simple - try to minimise the amount of times you wash your jeans. But don't just take our word for it. To find out more information about washing your designer jeans, check out these great videos below.

Take good care of the things you love and they'll love you back in return.

The iconic Swedish jeans maker, Nudie, recommend that their new jeans are not washed within the first 6 months from purchase. Not only does this assist with retaining the colour of the denim and retaining the shape of your jeans (washing jeans results in indigo loss and shrinkage), this also helps the jeans to develop their own individual characteristics such as contrasting, fading and creases of the denim. Most denim experts agree with Nudie's advice. So try to wash your jeans less frequently, 6 months ideally for new jeans and then every 3 months thereafter. You may need to wash your jeans more regularly if you notice your friends are visiting you less.

When it is time to wash your jeans, we recommend you follow these steps:

  • Turn your jeans inside out (optional).
  • Run luke warm water into a sink or bath tub and add a small amount of laundry detergent. Don't use hot water as it may shrink the jeans and fade the colour.
  • Submerge the jeans and soak for around 45 minutes.
  • Rinse the jeans in cold water to remove the soap.
  • Drip dry jeans on a clothes line in a shady position.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as this may cause the jeans to fade
  • Do not tumble dry.

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