Q: Do you have any advice for buying jeans online?
A: Here are our top 3 tips for buying jeans online;

  • Know your measurements (waist width and leg length) – Jeans can often vary in size, regardless of their marked size. In our opinion, measurements are more important than the size label, when buying jeans online. The easiest way to find out your measurements is to measure jeans you own that fit you well.
    For waist measurements, lay jeans flat on the ground and align the front and rear waistband. Simply measure the waistband from the left edge to the right edge. When you know your waist measurement, you can normally purchase jeans which are in a 1cm range e.g. if you are a 37cm waist, then 36cm – 38cm should fit you. For women, you should also check the front rise, measured from the front waistband to where the material joins at the crotch. High rise jeans will usually have a smaller waist measurement, as the waist of the jeans sit higher above the hips.
    For leg measurements, lay jeans flat on ground, and simply measure the outside leg from waistband to bottom hem.
    When buying jeans online, check the measurements of the jeans you are buying, to ensure the jeans have the right waist and leg measurements for you.
  • Make sure the seller has a returns policy - There is nothing worse than buying jeans online that do not fit you and then finding out you are unable to return them.
  • Buy from a reputable seller - Buy from a reputable seller to ensure the jeans you buy meet your expectations. Reputable sellers should provide great service and will only sell authentic jeans (not cheap imitations from China which are often found on eBay).

Q: Does Affordable Designer Jeans have a returns policy?
A: Yes, we have a no questions asked exchange policy. If you are not delighted with your jeans, you may return the jeans and receive a credit note equal to the original cost of the jeans (excluding postage cost) i.e. postage is at buyer’s cost. If you wish to return an item, you should notify us within 14 days of receipt of the jeans.

Q: Can you provide more details on your FREE POSTAGE OFFER?
A: When you purchase 2 or more jeans from Affordable Designer Jeans which have a total cost exceeding $150 AUD (excluding the postage cost), POSTAGE IS FREE! This offer is only available to Australian customers for postage within Australia. To accept this offer simply request the free postage offer at checkout prior to paying for the jeans.

Q: Can we try on jeans prior to purchase?
A: Yes you can. Our jeans are located at our Bentleigh premises and we offer a fitting service. For an appointment, please call on 0425854070 or email affordable_jeans@yahoo.com

Q: Can we buy jeans from Affordable Designer Jeans on eBay?
A: We also sell our jeans through eBay. Please click below to visit our eBay stores
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